Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Federal police on new training

(By Pan-Habesha)
This is what I got from a reliable source.
The federal police members are carrying new training on dispersing demonstrators and protesters. The training is taking place at the federal Police camp in the Legehar area. They are mostly using water. They shout as if they were in mayhem. Some of them act like police chasing the demonstrators.
This could normally be considered as a regular event in a peaceful context. But in light of the current tension and political dynamics(particularly the expected verdict on next Friday on CUDP leadership at kality), these federal police officers could be preparing for a possible public unrest and demonstration. It could also mean the government has already decided to put the CUDP leaders in to long-term imprisonment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shame on Meles to keep political prisoners in Kaliti. This is because ethiopians are divided. United we stand divided we fall. There is still big animosity between amaharas and oromos. When does this end?????

April 29, 2007 at 3:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ethiopia is on the verge of colapsing and shatering, very soon there is no order and in the whole country. This will make eritrians happy. They are waiting to see us go to hell including Bereket Simon the devil.

April 29, 2007 at 3:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Bushra Hagos Mohammed Yihdegu . I'm a Weldyan tigre-amara man , Muslim in faith , thus a true Welloye as you call tell all by mere glance at my mixed and loooooooooong name.
Having perfectly if not completely introduced my self to my anonymous readership and to my generous Ethiozagol host , In response to the previous anonymous blogger who expressed his/her dismay, fear and frustrations revolving around the current state of affairs in Ethiopian politics , or rather meles-zenawics that could lead to the fragmentation of Ethiopia ; however , oh well , on my part , though I concur with the fear part of the blooger - which had always been on every citizens mind for generations - I would rather say the follwoning makeshift byword by way of reassuring you , him/her and myself : " nothing new about such fear, which was always there since modern Ethiopia took shape and form, and life ,if we call it so, in Ethiopia still goes on and on........!! ."
Dear anonymi bloggers: Do you really know , or not know that Ethiopians had been divided and scared about each other - and self , as long as I - and history itself, could ever remeber ? That is true and you must say,"yes, we know it". Good job, god you said that, it is a good start ....or is it not? It is!" Worst yet , we know, we are still divided nothing more and nothing less than we were in the 19th and 20th centuries and beyond ", you must add to it, to complete the good start for a good jobe . Why???? Good question, and, good questions always deserve good answers for which I shall give ya hereunder.

" The 19th century was probably when the starting point of Abyssinian tit-for-tat betrayals and counter betrayals was invented.
No later than that it was the kick off point AKA Tedros's betrayal of almost everyone of those who stood for him , taking him out of obscure and dirty poor existence among the have-nots , to put him at the helm of power. Tedros who was as a self- professed shewa hater who coined his famed slogan:"shewa, gala ena shinfila tatbo ayteram", lanunched his traitorship boat, riding it from Tekeze to Abay to Awash , and on his rout stations, loading it with hate, mercilessness , indiscriminate killing and looting - all in the name of unity - which he then unloaded and released to lurk in the increasingly bewildering and rugged Ethiopian political landscape.
Yohanness though he became a legendary warrior king and defender of Ethiopian sovereignity who fought for it with zeal and passion that was never seen in his predecessors and successors save for the battle of Adwa - lead by Alula -credited for minilik ; though he defended Ethiopia's sovereignity and protected it from being trampled by foreign invaders, and unltimately he paid his own dear life defending his people and his country; though he tried and in many landmark cases he had succeeded in reconfiguring and reuniting the different sectors of Ethiopiasnness that were shattered by ,and after the fall of Gonder which occurred prior to the start of the notorious zemenemesafint; though he had outwardly manifested an aura of a christian zealot but in practictise he was not nearly 0.00001% as anti-muslim as the malicious Ethiopian history mollesters would like us to believe; nonetheless, I also believe , he should never have cooperated with the brute british forces that came from India to forcibly release the brit captives who were imprisoned by Tedros at Maqdala .
Well, Minilik, Well , well , well! that may say it all, Minilik was the king mothership of all traitors . Not only did Minilik consistently , covertly and overtly, conspire against the North , South, East West or what have you , but he did also betray his benefactor: Yohannes , who was linked to him though marriage, and to who, he gave arms , men and money to help gain/ reconquer Harar, Sidamo and Kaffa from Arabic and Turkic invaders, back into the Empire . Minlik however conspired against Yohannes for over 20 years, till the death of yohannes at Matama while defending Ethiopia; and , he continued to do it against scores of others ,till his own death for an obscure venerial affliction , a death that was left an unounced for years after it took its toll . Ever since Ethiopians had been left with nothing to trust but to squabble and to debate about, sorta , arguing for argumentativeness sake - to figure out who, of the so-called "3 icons of modern Ethiopian history", was the best traitor , thus, whom to adore the most without calling him "our best traitor but our "Emie Minilik".
The root cause to Ethiopia's long-lasting and unrelenting political ills is the yet unresolved intra-family, Tigre-shewan feuding. The very two sinster players who started to divide and to weaken Ethiopian unity are the "houses of Tigre and Shewa " , which had alternatingly and disorderly, but not alternatively and orderly, subjugated all other Ethiopians, not sparing eachother in their term of dominace ; and now, as in 19th century, it is again being replayed by their kindred :the destructive roles as seen by the actions and results of the current Tigre players in the form of weyane is beimg complemented .. if not being comlimented .. by the actions and rsults of the CUD players of Shewa Amara, and vice versa .
Let it be underscored and restated very clearly that cud and weyane , the current tigre-shewa villain-victim duou which is victimizing us all the mortal ordinarian ethiopians of various ethnic, regional and religious groups who are the passive witnesses of our own extinction , is a a continuation of the minilik-yohanness affairs .
Te show of mutual attrition continues unattended by them , while they kill us , as they do it unto each other.

May 3, 2007 at 3:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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August 1, 2007 at 5:43 AM  
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