Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bereket compares Meles with Mandela

Haven't you missed Bereket Simeon, Ethiopia's megalomaniac official? Since he had a stroke, his public appearance has visibly declined. In private he is still doing what he is best at doing - coining the jibes and sound bytes which expose which are the true reflections of his psychopathic personality.
In the past few weeks, Bereket has been meeting with media professionals(government). In one of the meeting, he said something that blows your mind. "We like to see and admire people who aren't us. We admire Mandela. Why? The man leading in our country is taking Africa forward. He is regarded as one of the best and brightest leaders in the continent. Why should we look at the leaders of other countries. "
Well, well, well. If that was a statement uttered by any other person, we would have questioned his/her sanity. This is Bereket. As to the state of his mind...? I think we have made our minds about that long time ago.


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